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Karen Diehl





Minneapolis MN

Behind the words

           I wanted to become a nurse since I was five and my older brother broke his leg. Since then I have known that I was meant to take care of people.

          Starting as a nursing assistant in high school, I pursued my dreams. I attended North Hennepin Community College for my Associate's Degree in Nursing and later Western Governor's University for my BSN.

           I have worked my way from being a new grad float nurse, to the Trauma ICU, down to the ED and then off to the unique world of pre-hospital care with Flight Nursing. I am currently back as a float with critical care. 

          While maintaining my hospital career, I have  spent many years as a nurse consultant for special needs adults at a day program and group homes.

         I have learned that helping educate my patients and their families to be the most rewarding part of my job. Now I want to share my knowledge to help any individual with medical questions, and share my stories with the world to help future generations pursue their medical dreams.

Work Experience

Trauma ICU

Nurse Consultant

Emergency/Flight Nurse

10+  years as a  Trauma-Neuro ICU nurse with adults and pediatrics. Working frequently as a charge nurse or precepting new staff, I found that educating my patients and their families became my passion.

15+ years working with the special needs community. Hands on teaching with unlicensed staff to promote the best care for the clients in a work or home environment.

5 years of Emergency Department and Flight nursing taught me how much people need to be taught how to take care of themselves and their families. So many visits could be prevented with a little time and quality education.

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